Small Business Guide to Groupon, LivingSocial and Others


Rags Srinivasan is a management professional specializing in Marketing and Pricing. Rags practices evidence based management – applying data and experimentation over fads and promises for solving business problems. He has worked with several businesses across a wide spectrum, from a private school to a speech therapist with their marketing needs, customer acquisition and branding strategy.

He holds MBA from Haas School of Business, Berkeley and writes a popular blog covering Marketing Strategy and other business topics at

Customer Comments

“Rags Srinivasan was instrumental in helping our school understand our value proposition to different parent groups. He backed his recommendations with rigorous marketing research and analysis. We very much appreciate Rags’ professionalism and energy in ensuring this project was success for the school.” – Jennifer Kirk, The Berkeley School

“Rags Srinivasan helped me leverage our current customer base for email marketing and gain insight about our new product” – Antonia Johnson, Clear Talk Mastery

“You may think you have a pricing problem but Rags helps you understand that it is really a segmentation problem. He makes sure he understands your customers and overall market dynamics before he makes any recommendations. And his recommendations are excellent.” – Hubert Palan, Product Manager, GoodData

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