To Group Coupon or Not

Small Business Guide to Groupon, LivingSocial and Others

To Groupon Or Not

Praise for the book
In Group Coupon, Rags Srinivasan gives the small (even large) business owner great insights into the benefits and pitfalls of one of the hottest crazes in consumer marketing. Ignore it at your peril.
- Reed Holden, Author of Pricing With Confidence

Concise, objective and much needed guide
- Karen Mallia, Professor University of South Carolina

Average group discount can cost you $60 per customer.

You give away 100s of such coupons with a promotion!

Is it really risk free advertising? What are the true costs?

Does it work? Is it profitable? Is it right for your business?

Know the business details and the 4Cs

Do the math with this 60 page PDF book

Should you run a daily deal?
This book is for business owners considering Groupon, LivingSocial
or any one of the many Group Coupon sites for attracting new customers.

Add up the costs!

Know the hidden costs and risks of a Group Coupon promotion.
In the end is it better than all other options available to you?

How this book will help you?

This book will help you decide whether running a promotion on Groupon or
similar site is the right choice for your business.
Know the 4Cs and how to do the math.

Advice you can use
In simple and easy to understand language this book teaches you
how to evaluate the long term profitability of giving away products at 50%

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